If you are looking for a DMC in Vietnam, VIDO DMC is the right contact. We are offering

- Hotel suggestion: find appropriate hotels within client’s budget and expectation

- Off-site venue finding: beside museum, opera house, temples… we are offering the new and unique venue as: university, parks, owner's house...

- As a meeting planner, you want meeting participants get to know the destination, want them to be a team, together to solve a problem, or just enhance the communication flow within the team... We tailor made a scavenger hunts in the destination - a kind of a team building together with getting to know the attraction/ culture/ local life and interacting with locals

- Design and printing meeting documents

- Provide hospitality desk staff


When finding destinations for the incentive trip, clients are also looking for the different destinations. And the destination with unique offers is on the top for decision maker to select. Suitable venues for group off-site events are of the essentials

VIDO DMC offers you may want to place the group dinner inside the hotel, at a elegant local restaurants…

At each of the restaurants or off-site venues, we offer the theme designed for your selection at different group sizes

Sample of the theme events created by VIDO DMC

- Royal theme dinner

- Circa 1920

- Dinner under stars

- Bonsai theme


For a conference group you may have to spend lots of time in preparation. You will need to prepare not only, conference participants lists, invitation, agenda, on-site management…

VIDO DMC provides some of the conference services as below

- Your conference document bag, name badges, local note pads, engraved pen

- Teasers proposal

- Theme coffee-breaks design for conference group

- T-shirt design and production

- Speakers sourcing


Events should be as simple as a birthday party for a small group within the family, it can be a company year-end party, or as large as a National events. Events planning and execution needs a lot of effort, manpower, and in Vietnam you will need a pretty good relation the local government..

Vidotour has been engaged with some events like: HANIFF, WPO gathering, Charity Fund Raising…

VIDO DMC is willing to be engaged with your event in different types:

- Minimal Consultation

- Joint planning

- Complete Event Management

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